Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Alternative of PayPal for Indians and Others

This is quite different topic from my other posts but this is really important for us especially very Important for Indian Freelancers and peoples. A few days back when I opened my email to check the mails I got this mind blowing bad news from PayPal. As far as I remember the mail came on 29th January 2011 which almost destroyed all the dreams of all freelancers and small business holders in India.
However, in my point of view Indians will face a lot of problem in online withdrawal of money from various websites such as GPT sites and PTC websites, also all other online workers like article writers, online teachers, webmasters and bloggers will face a lot of problem in the system where they need online transaction as almost all the websites have a common payment method PayPal. Let’s have a look why this may have happened to Indians. Few days ago it was revealed that millions of Indian money is locked up in Swiss Bank as Black money, may be Indian govt. is trying to take a step which can help govt. to stop drainage of black money from our country. But according to various people it is the worse step that Indian govt. has taken. A number of services have been banned for Indian people due to this change in Rule. Services like:-
1. Buying any goods or services through PayPal.
2. Renewal of Domain name.                                                                             

3. Indians can’t withdraw small amounts which is less than USD$10 because the minimum amount that can be transferred to bank account is USD$10 and 50Rs is deducted as transfer charge. Means Indians receive UDS$9 when they withdraw USD$10.

4. Indians can’t keep money in their PayPal account for more than 7 Days. It is still not known that what will happen with the amount which stays more than 7 days but with my personal experience I would suggest you that you should follow the rules properly because when it comes to money PayPal is very cruel and even your money can be blocked for few months.

5. Etc. etc. etc…….

Now what is the alternative of PayPal?
While going through all the reviews on the internet finally I got one way which can help Indians for online money transfer system. The name of the system is “”. Some of the benefits of using Moneybookers are:-
                                                   Signup Button

1. It has ability to transfer money real time similar as PayPal.

2. Domestic transfer cost is 1% but maximum 0.50 Pound.

3. International transfer cost is 1% but maximum 0.50 Pound.

4. Required details to transfer money are only email address.

5. It provides facility of instant online shopping.

6. For security reason it keeps all financial details safe.

7. It is regulated by FSA (UK).
                                             Benifits of using Moneybookers

8. Last but not the least you can transfer money from bank to Moneybookers account free of cost.

                                   You can see that the transition from bank is free

Now you all will find that is little expensive as compared to PayPal but here comes the main part of this system. Moneybookers have a referral programme for their members. According to this programme you will get the 30% of the fee income from Moneybookers for every transaction made by your referral. So in my point of view it’s not a big deal to make up the lost fees and make some extra profit from Moneybookers. So I would suggest you to get a free account on Moneybookers by clicking the below link.
                                           The Referral Program by Moneybookers

Moneybookers is one of the fastest growing way of payment all around the globe other than PayPal. Soon it might be possible that due to impact of more tough rules and regulation for PayPal people start moving towards Moneybookers and in future Moneybookers have a good scope to charge some fees for membership so I would like to advice that have a free account today and secure your future online transition method. If you got any other idea or methods for online transition other than PayPal then we would appreciate your comments below. 
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  1. I wonder now what will happen to the money in Paypal if you don't withdraw it within 7 days from receipt.

  2. They have not still cleared that but for sure It can be worse. Something like they can block money for 6 months or more. Lets wait and watch

  3. but not many sites support moneybookers payment processor,that is the problem,do you know how to transfer money from paypal to moneybookers?

  4. Swag Bucks is a very recommended get-paid-to site.



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