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How to earn from PTC websites.

In few days I have made few referrals on some of the PTC websites that I have joined. Seriously it was a very hard nut to crack if you don’t have a popular blog or website. I had to convince each of them teaching what PTC is, How can we register, What is PayPal and Alertpay, How can we view ads and earn there and even I had to tell them step by step what they have to do. So finally I thought that writing a complete step by step guide on PTC is much better option than convincing them one by one. This post is only for them who have heard the word “PTC (Paid to Click) websites” very first time. All your questions will be answered in this post and after this you will be able to join PTC websites and start earning there. In this post I will take the site vcBUX as an example to teach you because vcBUX is my favourite PTC website.

What is PTC?
PTC stands for Paid to click which means you will be paid on these websites for clicking various advertisements.

Why will they pay you for clicking?
There are millions of company and websites on this globe. For increasing their business and sale they just need exposure to the people all around the globe so that they can become popular. They want to increase traffic of their website. So they contact PTC website owners (this is one of the way there are other ways too) and tell them the requirement that they need 5000 clicks daily on their website.  5000 is only an example they can demand any number. The PTC owner charges them a fixed amount for the number of clicks and now when you click on that particular ad you get your share of revenue.

What are PayPal and Alertpay?
PayPal and Alertpay are the most popular way of online transaction for PTC or any other websites. For creating a PayPal account you don’t require something extra (For Indians Pancard is required). You can just create a PayPal account if you have an email address. However in different countries some different identification number is required. For example- In India Pancard number is required for creating a PayPal account. For receiving money you have only to provide the email address that you used to register for PayPal and the money will be send to your PayPal account. For buying some thing online or withdrawing money from PayPal account you need to verify yourself and you must have a Credit/Debit Card or a Bank account. Alertpay is also similar to PayPal but its withdrawing rates are quite high.
NOTE- PayPal has currently changed its rule for Indians which are not in favour of Indians. If you are an Indian I strictly recommend you to read this link CLICK HERE.
For creating a PayPal account visit

Now below you will be shown step by step that how you can create a vcBUX account and start earning there.
1. Click this banner below:-

2. A new tab will open which looks like this:-

3. Here click on the “Register Now” button which is marked  with red circle in above figure.

4. A form will appear in front of you. Now fill it with desired username, password and email id. Now if you have created you PayPal and Alertpay id then put it there and if you have not created yet then jus enter your email address there (Remember that whenever you create your PayPal or Alertpay account in future use the same email address that you used to register on PTC websites. Otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw your money.). In the referral field you don’t need to change anything, accept the terms and services and then enter the verification code which you can find just below getting blurred and visible again and again. Now click on register button.

5. Now you are registered there. Many other sites send a verification email for verifying just after registration but vcBUX sends you verification PIN after you login and click on verify email address in settings.

6. Now login to your vcBUX account. On the right top you will see “view advertisements” button, click on it.

7. On the view advertisement page you will find a list of advertisement. Click on any one of them, after you click on it you will see a tick in the slot of advertisement that you clicked. Now click on that tick, a new tab will open and advertisement page will start loading.

8.Let the page to load completely until you see a timer starts and ends on the top of page and the message appears on the top that “0.01$ were credited to your account”.

9. Now close that advertisement page and follow the same procedure with other advertisements present in the list.

10. After viewing all advertisements just click on your username which appears on the right top. When you click there you can see your account summary and how much you have earned.

11. Now you have to click there daily (once in every 24 hours).
Almost all PTC websites are similar to join and earn. The major thing that you need to have for earning on PTC website is to have PATIENCE. If you don’t have patience then go and try something else you can’t make money here. I have provided some banners of trusted PTC websites which you can join and earn.
Two important posts that you must read are:-

Trusted PTC which you should join are listed below just click on the banners and join them.The list below is according to rank which is provided by me personally(The ranking  provided below is based on my personal experience with these PTC sites) Feel free to click on banners and join them:-

1.vcBUX:-(vcBUX is currently facing some problem so it is recommended to not join here until further info.)

An old website with  good look and all reviews available are in favor of this site. This website has got excellent script and the appreciable thing that this site has is that the payment system is instant.The payment can be received through PayPal and Alertpay. If someone is looking for Alternative of Neobux or alternative of Onbux they they should for sure try this website as the rented referrals have good average.It stays on 1st rank in PTC websites.

A very classic PTC website.Has got a good forum to discuss various topics with other members.For each referral click you receive $0.004.The script is cool and the website has long life as i give it 2nd rank in PTC websites.

aeBux - The Success Continues!

3. Bux4Real:-
This is a new PTC site and lot of payment proofs are available on the forum.  I recommend everyone to join this site. The best feature of this site is that it has 6 paying ads daily and it pays 50% of referral click so if you have 10 regular clicker referral then you will get $0.30 daily from them. This site has got a brand new and good look.If this site paid me a single time then it has got caliber to reach on the 1st rank. Click below to join.


This is a new PTC website but by a trusted owner.The positive aspect of joining this site is that you will get referrals very soon as it is a new site.The site has got zeues script and the rented referrals click regularly.The admin is good. The problems are resolved quickly.This site has got great future.A lot of payment proofs are available on the forum and the payment system is instant

One of the most trusted and paying website.This website is online from last 2 years and is still paying.The administrator is good and the payment is send in time.The rented referrals are also active clickers.

6. GloboBux:-
A old and well known PTC site which pays 0.008$ per click and you can click 5 ads daily which are available.The site has a good look and is paying from last 2 years. A large number of ads are available but you will be able to click only 5 ads in 24 hours.

7. InfinityBux:-
This is one of the most trusted PTC site which has grown now a days.They pay in time and the site has good scope in renting referral business.The site is not lengthy and loads very quickly and the respond time is very less.Over all the site has great performance.

8.Get Bux Today:-
Get 0.01$ per click and 4 ads daily. The site is legit and paying.This site has got similar script to infinitybux. The site has paid more than $40000 till now and can be trusted to join.

It has a good referral program. You get straight 50% of your referral clicks.You can have unlimited direct referrals on this website.You will get 9-10 ads daily to view.

This PTC site has a simple look. It has also a great referral program. This site is known to less person but they pay on time.

It is also known as evergreen PTC site after Neobux. It has a lot of clicks available daily but not at same time. you can have a good scope here if you sit on internet for 4-5hours regularly.

This site is also known as evergreen PTC site. It has a lot of clicks available daily but not at same time. Here also you can have a good scope if you sit on internet for 4-5hours regularly.Although 4-8 ads are provided at the same time.



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