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Microworkers!!! Earn Pocket money from HOME

In my previous post related to Microworkers the details were not sufficient. Now here you can get sufficient details so that you can trust Microworkers. I came across the website Microworkers 3 months ago when I believed that online earning without investment is impossible. But the website Microworkers made me feel that it was possible. Signing up that website is very easy all you have to do is click here  then click on Register for free button on top. Then fill all the information correctly and remember do not try to enter any wrong information during registration because they will verify your actual address by sending you a pin code at your address when you place your first withdrawal request. Now what you have to do is to verify your account by clicking the verification link that you got at the email address you provided during registration. After this all registration process is complete then now you would like to know how to work on this website to earn maximum pocket money? So here is the answer-Open the site then click on login button then enter your email id and password that you used to register on the website.
After you login you will come across the page “Available jobs”. On this page you will see these options:-

1. Available jobs- Here you will find the jobs which are currently running and are available to you.
2. Tasks I finished- Here you will find the record of tasks you finished and their status (approved or rejected).

3. My campaigns- This option is only useful for you if you are an employer.
4. My account- All details of your account including all transaction history is available here.
5. Deposit$- If you are an employer then you can deposit money here.
6. Withdrawal$- After you reach the minimum withdrawal limit you can place the withdrawal request here.
7. Home – Not for our use it’s just Homepage of site.
8. About us- Read this only if you love to read history.
9. Support- Contact customer support here FAQ is also available here.
This website can give you quite good income if you own a website or blog with PR0+ ranking. As you can see below a lot of tasks are available for PR0+ blog owners.
Normally I love to do these tasks only because they take few minutes but pay quite well as compared to time so they make some pocket money for me. I would recommend the new comers to be involved in these tasks only as success rate is very important for this website.
Now let me tell you as I am not a PR0+ blog owner I only try to make few bucks here spending few minutes on this website. The work which I love to do here are:-
1. Like a Facebook page it takes 30 seconds pays 0.8$ - 0.25$
2. Subscribe a Youtube channel and comment takes 3 minutes pays 0.12$
3. Digg something takes 3 minutes pays 0.8$ - 0.20$
4. Tweet pays takes 30 seconds pays 0.8$ - 0.20$
5. Signup (I do this task only if it pays minimum 0.20$)
6. Download and install takes 5 – 10 minutes pays 0.35$
Don’t be confused that there are2 success rate which you will have to take under consideration one is permanent success rate which determines that you will work on website or not. This success rate should not be less than 75% or you will be not able to work on this site. The second success rate is temporary success rate. This success rate determines that how many tasks you can currently accept and complete. Sometimes this success rate goes below 75% don’t be worried about it may happen because you must have completed a lot of tasks. The temporary success rate will rise up when the employers approve your task.
Now the important part is that the minimum pay-out is 9$ and you can receive payment through .

Note: - Microworkers have a different kind of personal verification system. After you reach the minimum pay-out limit which is 9$. After that the withdrawal page will say that” A pin will be mailed you soon”. Don’t worry wait for a week or two they will dispatch a pin letter then the page will say” pin sent on this date” and a link will appear which will say” enter pin” and one more link will be there which will say” Request pin” this link is for those who haven’t got the pin letter within 21days. I would suggest you not to place a new pin request as Microworkers charge 2$ for each new request.
1. Has good customer support you can submit complain if you are misrated.
2. User-friendly website.
3. Low minimum pay-out only 9$.
4. Honest.
None found

Note:- Many of you would like to know that "How long does it take for Microworkers Pin no. to arrive?"
It arrives according to your locationormally for USA it takes 7 - 10 days, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan it takes normally 21 - 26 days. You can wait for 30 days then you should ask for pin again because they charge 2$ per new pin request.

They send payment with name “WEBLABCENTER.COM”.

 I didn't understood that why did they did so but I received payment by this name.But finally i got the payment and it took approx 1.5 month for the first withdrawal including the time of arriving pin letter and finally amount in my paypal account.
Microworkers is the site which I trusted but still during the long process of 1 withdrawal i was not sure that the pin letter will arrive or not but finally the pin letter arrived and i felt relaxed.
Thank you Microworkers.

If you have any experience or question related to Microworkers or any other money making website feel free to share it here with us. Your comments would be appreciable.

Thanking you

Which is Best Mturk or Microworkers CLICK HERE to know.


  1. Thank you
    for very useful information
    Microworkers newbbie

  2. Mention not
    I will help as long I can.

  3. How much time did it took to make $9 for you? Seriously, I tried it too but the available jobs are very few.

  4. Thanks for the nice information..I know this is a geninue earning site..i also earn from it

  5. i would like to ask
    pls pls pls help me
    after i tried to withdraw for the first time it said that a pin will be mailed to you
    so i would like to know that will the pin be mailed at my home address or email address??
    please help me!

  6. Dear turjoe,
    The PIN will be mailed to your home address which you have entered during registering on
    Hope this info helps.

  7. thanks bro
    i really needed to know this
    thanks a lot @moneyranger

  8. Thanks for the sharing.

    microworkers rejects PIN/cell phone submits campaigns, can you please advise another site that accept this kind of campaigns ?

  9. okay i REALLY REALLY REALLY need help. i currently live in Hawaii and i've been waiting for my PIN number to be mailed to me for more then 10 days. what do i do now?

    1. Dear Jasmine Javier,
      After you ask for your pin on microworkers you should wait for atleast 30-40 days
      . By then if you haven't received your pin then you will have to request the pin again...Which I guess costs you $2....
      Microworkers support is not so good now a days they only respond to quiet serious problems only...I dont think that they will respond to such problems...So just wait and watch.
      Few tips:-
      Check your address you provided there is it correct?
      If you still dont receive the in in 30-40 days then you will have to request again.

  10. How to system address change or resend Pin that means reset new address?.One time I send my pin.But did not receive my letter so far.My account have 80$.So I need address change.My main question is resend pin request can help me address change?.Plz Message the given mail.


  12. Nice post. Useful for all. visit Make Money Online to know more

  13. Visit my site

  14. How long did you wait for your pin number? It's been 23 days now & I still haven't received my pin number in the mail yet. By the way, how many times can you request for the pin number? (just incase the second one doesn't arrive either). TQ

  15. I am from India Hyderabad . I ordered for pin 15 days before but still not received. Can anyone help me out in getting it or can anyone give me there pin

  16. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, also waiting for pin. It is very disgusting waiting only for a letter that contains only 4 digit pin. I didn't wait for long even for my beloved one.

  17. if i sign up my mother's information , have any problem to receive my pin ?

  18. Helllo nice post i am from india and want to know which address should we use to receive pin?? i used home address and tryed 5-6 times but did not receive it even changed my home address but no use....i came to know about this site when i was in nepal and i saw they do not use normal address they use like
    full name,
    address : 1234 npc 123
    zip code: 44600,
    city: kathmanduu,
    state/region: bagmati,
    country: nepal......
    rest i understand but address??? can you please help me understand



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