Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Neobux new rules not good for standard members

Many of us are confused now a days that "Did Neobux Go scam?". The answer is no not at all but some things are really very cruel done by Neobux administrator for standard users. Lets discuss this whole thing below.
Neobux which is well known as king of PTC world as the elite PTC website has paid a lot to their members all around the globe. Few days ago they paid 0.01$ for each ad click in normal condition. They provided 4 ads in every 24 hour which means that members without referral can earn 4 cent regularly. But last week Neobux made a change in rules of the website according to the new rules every member will get four ads in 24 hours which are named as fixed ads and for each fixed ad click member will earn 0.001$ which means to make 1 cent you will have to click 10 ads. Also the revenue earned from the direct referral is also decreased.One thing which is not changed is the revenue rate of rented referrals. So in my point of view Neobux is no more an elite website to earn because it is giving all the benefits and profit
to its upgraded members. There is nothing left for standard members. Neobux is treating all the standard members as beggars.
You would obviously like to know the excuses of Administrator for making such disgusting rules:-
1. They are getting more advertisers after decreasing the rates.
But actually the point is that the administrator has made such rule to fill his own pocket.

2. The ads will come and go regularly whole day. So there is good scope for more clicks.
It means that the administrator thinks that people are fool and they will sit whole day make 40 clicks and make 4 cent.

3. Many people have made 20 cent on their own after the new rule was applied as told by administrator.
But these are those people who stick to internet for their work whole day long and what about them who do jobs and other works whole day. The administrator of Neobux has shown selfishness of not sharing equal with all its standard members. If you want to earn on Neobux then only you have two choices (i) Upgrade your membership or (ii) Stick to Neobux whole day long leaving all other works.
The administrator of Neobux is not getting that the position of being the King PTC site will be snatched from Neobux and will be given to some other PTC website in few days.

Now what is the alternative of Neobux?
Many of us may be thinking that onbux is the alternative of Neobux but wait a second In last two years of my PTC business I came across a website named vcBUX . I love that website and why I love the website ? Because:-
1. Paying since last 3 years.
2. Cool look.
3. A well-paying referral program.
4. The average of rented referrals is much better than Neobux and Onbux.
5. A lot of upgrade and renting options are available. You can rent 3 referrals minimum in less than a dollar.

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Note:-For reading a complete review and earning strategy on vcBUX Click here.



  1. I am disappointed. Neo was the only serious and stable bux till now, but as a standard member, I won't stay in front of the computer all day long to click, so Neobux is history for me.

  2. This review is interesting, but I would say this from my own view point. I am also a member of Neobux, and same time I have regular job and I have 6 referrals and I am a standard member. So here is the point, in all business whatever shape or form, business owner or administrator what we call it in PTC world need to implement some rules too. Like for example standard members of Neobux will get equal benefits as upgraded member of Neobux, if the standard members will get equal benefits of upgraded members chances are this standards members will just take and take and take their earnings without spending a cent from Neobux, so if this is the scenario Neobux will not have the ability to pay all the members, and of course that is also not good for the upgraded members. So you see, before we accused the Neobux administrator we have to consider how the business also run, you need Neobux to make extra money and in investing back you double your investment, there is no such free in business world and so as in PTC, you invest and you get profit from it.No one can get rich by just depending to other party doing all the work right. I am a standard member of Neobux but I am grateful and thankful for the extra income they provided me. So at the end of the day, it is about give and take, and making decision if you still want to continue working for Neobux. After all I am pretty sure that all of us benefits well from Neobux, so instead of saying bad feedback why not lets just be grateful for the extra income we made from them, after all Neobux never force us to be a member.

  3. your vcbux is gone but neobux still in here

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