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Shorttask....Work at home make money online

You must have surfed thousands of websites and you have come here to know about the websites where you can really make money. is a website to which I was introduced 2 months back during surfing the internet. A number of tasks were available there to be done. Some of the tasks are listed below:-
1. Like Facebook page.
2. Retweet on twitter.
3. Like YouTube video
4. Comment on blog.
5. Click ads on blog
6. Sign up any website
7. Vote for something
And many other works, but the most efficient work which can give you good money is Article writing, Data entry, Ask for Quotes etc. I have done article writing work worth 3$ for 300 words, For single quote work you will receive 1$-1.5$, but the most amazing work I ever did on was a data entry task for which I worked for 5 hours and it paid me 50$. It was really a wonderful experience and this
was the highest paying task that I saw and grabbed on

                                                          YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE AFTER LOGIN

Now let me introduce you to the website. First of all open this URL in new tab .Then you will notice that on the right top it is written  Register / Sign in as a SOLVER | SEEKER. So if you are willing to do tasks and earn money you will have to click on the solver button and if you want to have your tasks done by others you will have to register as a Seeker. Now follow all the instructions and fill the form with correct information then confirm your email address. Now come back to the home page of shorttask. Log in and you will be on “Your Account” page. Now there are two buttons which are useful for you:-
1. Your Account
2. Tasks.
                                       THE VARIOUS OPTION BUTTONS

When you touch the “Your account” button you will see the options Dashboard, Status, Account Settings, Withdrawals. In dashboard you will come across the total summary of work you have done till the date, In status you will see the summary of Tasks Submitted Within the Last 45 Days, In account setting you will come across the account settings and finally at withdrawal you can request for withdrawal if you have reached the minimum pay-out limit which is 10$.
Now how to work on the website? It’s simple; simply click on the task button after logging in. You will see the entire task there and you can see more tasks by moving to the next page up to last page. The simple rule for working here is Click on the “View task of this group” button which is located on right side of every task listed in the list. Then you will come across the instructions that what you have to do and what proof is to be submitted. After reading the instructions if you find that you can do the task then click on accept button and complete the task before timer gets off and the task is taken from you. 

                                                                      LIST OF TASKS

A large number of tasks are available to do.
The success rate does not affect you working career on this website means you can work as many tasks incomplete or wrong you will never be banned.
There is no system to remove fraud seekers. Fraud seekers are those who give tasks and even the task are complete they just reject the task. doesn’t take responsibility for any rejection whether it is right or wrong.
Some seekers come for one time, allot work and forget about it so those works are never paid they just remain pending in your dashboard. Even shorttask doesn’t take responsibility if the seeker doesn’t accept the task.

After I received the payment of 50$ from the data entry job I placed the withdrawal request of 60$ as 12$ were already present in my account so after 3 weeks when i opened my email id I got this email from them.
I was also in confusion that will they send money or not but finally they sended the money and i was happy.

Thank you short-task.
Click here to join Shorttask
Latest payment proof from
This is the latest payment received by me on 14/04/2011.
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  1. The first three ways of earning listed were good. They pay for what we do- sovial networking. It is a site worthy of joining

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  2. looking forward to these sites.

  3. @ranjith hmmm this site is nice one you would love the other sites as well which i am going to include soon

  4. @Hassam Ahmad Awan ya its just like part time job you will recieve more updates here soon.

  5. Please post new 2011 payment proof from Shorttask. I want to see

  6. @driverfor The latest proof has be published above.
    Thank you

  7. I am doing the similar job in microworkers. I think it is nice to try.. thanks

  8. wow... gratz admins... cheers! for your success...
    my adsense never working a cents... how? ^^ i will improve it.. the proof makes me want to do it more and more!

  9. I was looking for online jobs to earn some extra income, I found your site during searching in google. Really you have give true and geniune information on earning some extra income online. I will surely join under you.

  10. I'm glad to see you finally got paid. This is one of the few sites out there that actually have payment proof posted along with the review. I've not done any work for them myself but I have tried the site as a seeker.

  11. Want to earn your annual salary per month?
    Or perhaps the monthly salary per week and even day?
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