Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aebux ...A new and paying PTC with Payment proof (must join)

Beware!!! This Site is SCAM now
I clicked the entire site today and finally when I reached my 2nd favourite PTC site aebux then I noticed that I have reached the minimum pay-out of $3.Then I immediately started the procedure of placing withdrawal request. As I was eager to check that is aebux a legit PTC website of not  when I reached the 2nd last page of withdrawal request then it asked me that are you sure that you want to withdraw $3 to your Alertpay and my mind was saying yes yes yes……. So finally I clicked on the withdraw button and guess what tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……………… :-D

You can see aebux payment proof now.Email notification that I received from Alertpay.

$3 has been transferred to your Alertpay account. I immediately went to www.alertpay.com and logined and found that it was true. I received $3 from aebux .
Payment details as on my Alertpay account:-

So this gave me a conclusion that aebux is a legit PTC website and is not spam till now as it is paying and I have received a payment of $3 in my Alertpay account. The site has got excellent support as I was answered my query in 24 hours through support ticket. The administrator is very good person this you can feel personally by asking queries on the forum. The site has got an excellent forum; you can discuss your every query with others and with moderators and administrator there. The script of the site is also nice, so I don’t think that there is any reason to stay behind and observe that the site is legit or not. So stop waiting and join aebux by clicking on the banner below.
aeBux - The Success Continues!
More payment proofs will be posted here soon as I receive more Payment from this site.


  1. I am a member in 'aebux'. I feel it is a good ptc site. I am nearing to my first pay out. Any way thanks for the positive testimony. It gives a kind of confidence to continue.

  2. @josechukkiri I know it always gives satisfaction if you know that you are working with a right website. You will see more payment proofs here very soon.



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