Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exincome.com is a scam now !!!! Do not invest...... :-(

After paying 6 months instantly to all investors it seems that exincome.com the famous HYIP site has gone scam. This I observed when I requested for withdrawal on evening of 25/04/2011 and I didn’t receive any payment by now (26/04/11). Overall my $20 was stuck there and as far as I think it is really not possible that they will pay me or give me my money back. On the very evening of 25/04/2011 all the HYIP monitor tools were removed by the administrator from the site and it clearly gave the sign that exincome.com has gone scam. I was really in a fear that I will lose my money and when it happened I was really made me mad and also sad.

Even it was a small investment it was an investment for me. Finally and in a very sad mood I would like to tell all the people that don’t invest on the site www.exincome.com any more since the site is a scam now. Exincome.com has gone scam now.
Thank you
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  1. fuck I losted my 50$ LR on fucking Stupid Site Exincome :( thanks for Post But I saw this Post too late :s

  2. yeah i lost 225$ :( ... i started with 5$.

  3. i have lost 50$


  4. I lost 10 $ :( Site is down now ... not accessible..


  6. I also lost $45. The site is down from the last one day.

    Earn $25-$35 per hour. Check this out http://bit.ly/lnUG0j

  7. i lost $15.try Ad2million and jss-tripler.good sites.


  8. Hi,
    I invested $10.00 on 4/28/11. After many days of not being able to get to Exincome I finally found http://www.board.exincome.com If you click on this you will get to main page. My account does show $12.00 which is the correct amnt. I am going to send email as I did not set up my LR accnt. or Perfect money. I used alertpay and for some reason they do not have alertpay for withdraw. I will keep you posted. Thanks for all info on blog, very helpfull. I hope the URL works for those that have had problems. Jerry L

  9. ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkk exincome.... i have lost my 224$....
    i m start!ng with just 10$.....
    it is a scam website. beware of this.

  10. Look what I have got :))

    Dear members,

    This is Phil Whitaker, admin of ExtraIncome. As you all know, ExtraIncome was closed due to my personal problems. Now, all my problems solved and I want to refund my members who lost via LibertyReserve. I already issued some refunds to AlertPay before but now I can't, because I don't have access to my AlertPay account (it's blocked). I can't refund 100% and not 50% too. I can refund 30% to every member who lost via LibertyReserve according to our current reserve funds available. Please note that you must create an API of our refunds system in your LibertyReserve account so that I can refund you after I approve your request.

    Step-by-step instructions on how to create the API are provided here:

    1) Login to your LibertyReserve account
    2) Click on "Merchant Tools"
    3) Click on "Create new API"
    4) Enter the following details:

    API Name: exincomerefund
    Security Word: refundback30
    5) Check ENABLED
    6) Check TRANSFER
    7) Check BALANCE
    8) Enter your Master Key and click "SUBMIT"

    After you finish following the instructions above, please send me an email to phil.extraincome@yahoo.com, or simply reply to this email, with the following details: your username in ExtraIncome, your LibertyReserve account number, and PROOF of your deposit to ExtraIncome, including the amount that you lost. After I approve you and enter your details, our system will process your 30% refund automatically, directly to your LibertyReserve account.

    Please spread the word around, regarding the 30% refund I give to my valued ExtraIncome members.

    Phil Whitaker

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