Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Got $6 by investing $5 in 5days must read(with payment proof)

If you have got $5 in your Alertpay, LibertyReserve or Perfectmoney account then I think I know an investment plan where you would love to invest again and again. For a PTC or GPT worker who earns few dollars a week it is very difficult to trust any investment plan and invest there but I assure you that I am also a PTC clicker and I know very well that how many clicks I have made or how many small jobs I have done to get $5 in my Alertpay account. Let me tell you my story from 6 days before. On 07/04/2011 as usual I clicked on the PTC sites where I clicked daily and did few tasks on sites likes Microworkers and Myeasytask. Suddenly I noticed that while clicking on all the 12 PTC sites I saw ad of a HYIP site on 8 of them. It made me to do some research work on internet and in 1 hour I was convinced to invest $5 on that website.
I saw a lot of payment proofs on various blogs and websites and finally I thought that I should try this. Actually every payment proof claimed that the site is paying 120% of the investment after 5 days means if you invest $5 today you will get $6 after 5 days and if you invest $25 today you will get $30 after 5 days. In the very beginning I was not able to make my mind that, that was possible but finally after seeing so many proofs and positive reviews on various web pages I finally decided to invest my 1st $5.This site was exincome. I joined the site and then I invested $5 using my Alertpay account you can see the transaction record below in the image.
Payment sent to exincome
Although I was 50% sure that the site will pay but still I took the risk because I was getting bored of investing on PTC sites for referrals and thinking of strategies how to manage them, so I thought that I should try something new and I invested here. 5 days passed and I returned to site to find out that whether the site is going to pay or not. I opened the site logined there and guess what I saw???????? I saw that $6 were available in my account for withdrawal. I moved the pointer of my mouse like a swift to click on withdrawal button and finally I clicked on it. Still I was not sure 100% that they wil pay but as I clicked on the withdraw button it was BINGO and a pop of my messenger gave me a message that “You have received cash in your Alertpay account”. I was really very excited about this and I immediately logined to my Alertpay account and I saw that $6 was transacted to my account 1 minute ago. I got my answer of the question that is legit or scam?You can see the payment proof by below. 
Payment proof of received exactly after 5 days
It was really very risky for me to invest even that small amount because all that I have earned with my hard work and I really don’t want to lose my money.
The main part starts now. Now I thought that I should invest $10 this time and immediately transferred $10 to the site. Switched off my PC and went to bed. After 10 minutes I thought $10 will give me only $2 profit and with my attitude of greediness I restarted my PC and invested 6 more dollars there to receive $3.20 profit in 5 days. You can see the list of transaction record of my Alertpay account below.
Transaction records of investment
So finally here I would like to suggest you that.
If you are confused with few questions like:-
Is legit or scam?
Is exincome paying or not?
Or if you want to see payment proof of then let me answer this question for you. is completely a legit site it is the best HYIP that I have ever seen and is paying. You can see the payment proof of above and more payment proofs of will be posted here very soon I hope in 5 days. So if you have $5 in your Alertpay, Liberty reserve or in Perfect money then you should have a try and I bet that you will start investing on this site again and again. Now if you think that you would like to join the site and increase your earning then click on the banner below and become my referral. And don’t forget to give your expert comment on the post about your experience with this site.


  1. that is a horrible investment. I could find more than a $1 in coins on the floor in 5 days.

  2. Actually it was testing phase that the website is paying or not....Now if you invest 50$ for 5 Days your income will be 10$ in 5 days and I bet even you cant find 10$ on the floor in 5 days.... :-)

  3. I invested on exincome,though, I am still on the 5days interval, but I hope it is real!

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