Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PTC sites.......the game of referrals

PTC sites can really be a great source of income. Many of you may have noticed this from before and many must be noticing this after reading this post. A few days ago approximately 1 months what I thought was that "Clicking on PTCs is really a foolish act that I will never do." But my views changed completely when I came across few articles related to the referral game in PTC earning. The calculations were very simple and even the most dumbest guy of the world can understand those calculations if he/she is capable of using computer and internet. Getting an active referral and clicker on PTC is just like getting an tiny golden goose who lays eggs for you everyday whenever he/she clicks. Currently I am working on 15 PTCs and it  takes me approx
 45 minutes daily to complete my clicking. Now if I tell you about my referrals then on few sites I am having 30-40 referrals but only 5-10 of them are active and on some other PTC sites I am having 5-10 referrals but fortunately all are active. So it concludes that the site with more active referrals gives me more earning. The overall PTC concept is completely a calculation that a PTC site owner must follow otherwise he/she will be in loss. If you are thinking that you can really make good money from PTCs then you are right but if you say that you can do this without investment then you are completely wrong. If you are not have good number of referrals on PTC or you are not renting any referral on the site then you can never make a good income from any PTC site. Always remember that "In this cruel world nothing comes for free" either you pay for it or you snatch it. If you are really curious about PTCs then first I will tell you about my 5 favorite PTC website:-
I have withdrawn once from this site. The best features of this site in my point of view are:-
1. Instant payment(Payment in seconds).
2.Professional look.
3.Low rates for renting referrals.
You can join aebux under me just by clicking banner below:-
aeBux - The Success Continues!
Is a Great PTC site with a very strong admin. support. Few features are listed below:-
1.Instant payment.
2.Attractive look.
3.Excellent administrative support 24/7.
Join mindbux under me by clicking banner below:-

Wonderful site with good features.Some are listed below:-
1. Different concept.
2.Six paying ads available daily.
3.0.01$ per click and 0.005$ per referral click.
4.Paying and seems to have a good future.
Join bux4real by clicking below:-

Is really a legit site and paying for few years.The best features are:-
1.Light script.(Page loads easily)
2.Instant payment
3.Less time consuming(takes my 5 minutes daily)
4.Rented referrals are good clickers.
5.Very low upgrade rates.
To join infinitybux click on banner below:-

For this site I can say that" You must have heard the name if you have ever used PTC. This site is paying continuously from last 3 years.Best features are:-
1.Old and trusted name.
2.Has good referral program.
3.Good look.
4.Instant payment.
5.Takes less time.
To join vcbux click the banner below:-
These are my top 5 PTC sites and I love them because of their features which are best in my point of view.


  1. Hello!

    I saw your website and I think it's really fine !!! If
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  3. Thanks for letting me know about other good stuff!

    1. This was my old list...Currently due to alertpay problems I am not recommending any new PTCs now...

  4. Swag Bucks is a very recommended get-paid-to site.



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