Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bux4real- Takes your PTC earning to the next LEVEL

Beware!!! This Site is SCAM now
If you want to get good into business then the best way is to provide better service to your customers at low cost. This theory is being applied by some PTC sites. It is well known to us that now days thousands of PTCs are available all around the internet globe and it is really very difficult to detect the legit one and the one which is spamming. I myself consider as a middle level expert in identifying the behaviour of PTC but I too was spammed by Twinbux after my investment on that site. Now let us talk about them who are trying to provide better service with some extra profit to get more and more customers. I got three legit sites which are doing this now:-
The three websites above are providing better service and are promising to give more profit as compared to other PTC sites. After the foolishness of admin of neobux (neobux new rules) these sites have got better scope of growing and making people grow because people till now are trying to find a good alternative of that site. As far as Bux4real is considered then I would like to say that I am personally very happy with that site because within 15 days with my 3-5 active referrals I have reached the balance of 2.5$. Practically it is the highest amount that I reached in such a short duration of time with a few number of referrals. Actually I don’t focus on all the three I just go to the other two and click there but for bux4real I don’t know why I really feel that this site can make a good difference in my future earning as the site  and admin has got lot of potential in them. The known owner of the site bux4real is Tony Rocha. As seen on various reviews and the available data all over the internet I came to know that Tony Rocha is a good businessman and he just wanted to enter this business so he with some others formed this great site. If you like to see potential of this site then let me show this to you.
1 day click = $0.06                                                      
1 day 30 active referral click =$0.03 x 30=$0.90
So, total for 1 day is approx. $0.90+$0.06= $0.96(approx. $1)
The condition shown above was without any membership and rented referral. If you somehow manage to make some investment there then it is possible that you get much better results than as a free member. Site similar to bux4real are Clixzing and Jzbux.

JzBux - The Future of Earning Online!

Click the above banner to join any of them and start earning.


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