Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to earn $$$ from Powerfulbux

One month ago the owner of Infinitybux,TVIPTC and Buxsecure launched Powerfulbux on 11th July 2011the site was launched with great faith and it collected thousands of active members in a week. Till now Powerfulbux is not scam and I hope it will never be but still who knows. Collecting approx 40000 members in very first month is not a joke, it is the reputation of owner of infinitybux Charles this site is a great bux site and it can give you excellent profit if you upgrade to highest membership just for $10 a month.Your income will be increased 4 times exactly whatever
it is as standard member.All my payment proofs are provided below for you to view and analyze. I have upgraded my account for $10 a month, I receive 10 standard ads worth 1 cent regularly + for each of my referral click I get 1 cent. With 25 active referrals I am capable to making $1 a day from this site.The payout for elite members is $1 minimum.This site has no limit if you gain more and more referrals. 


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