Saturday, December 17, 2011 is a scam site don't try it !!- Reviews

Guys be Practical. Which fool is going to Pay you $5 for sign up and then $2 for each visit and $25 for each referral. The site is a scam and is making fool and trying to make a database of such people who are interested in earning online. There are few Payment Proof on the internet but they are fake.
Basically what sites like do is that they open a new website and give few payments to people and then the Payment Proof explodes all over the internet. After few days
the site shut downs with a huge database of names and Email ids of such people who wish to make money online. After getting the database they spam people with their referral links using different email Ids.
So trust me and don't get Involved in such websites which will waste your time, money and finally will spam your inbox daily in future.
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  1. Yeah you are right about this one its a scam i have made 200$ today using it an still havent got paid. Terms an conditions buttons dont work nore the support button it a waste of your time to fool with this one. do you know anything about this one i ve been using it for a few weeks so far so good you can cash your money out a 1$ at a time.

  2. Obvisiouly it is a scam. Which fool will pay $2 for each visit and $25 for each referral.

  3. thanks a lot mate, its helpfully for me, now I dont try scam site.

  4. Mention not jun3th.....Its my pleasure that my post helped you..... :-D

  5. yes this is right and i really get mad after use
    that side plz tell me another side for making money.

  6. has no support, their links dont work and we are left fumbling wondering where to go, they asked me to get the secret key from a link to do surveys in spite of doing the survey the link has not appeared so I complained to star something who were supposed to give us the secret link now they have put a new lin vipfire when I still did not get a reply I wrote to vipfire but they know nothing of the link available on vipfire was for their down load

  7. Behanchut 5centuser site...

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