Saturday, December 17, 2011

Get your PayPal account Verified- Entropay Reviews

When I started my journey of online earning I found many difficulties and one of them were verifying PayPal account. In many countries like India People find it hard job to get PayPal account verified if they don't have any Credit Card. Here I am going to tell you that how you can do that easily. provides a Virtual Credit Card Service which helped me a lot in the Past year 2011 to complete my several transaction with PayPal and Alertpay. Basically what you require to get a verified PayPal account is a Visa/Mastercard Debit Card through which you can add funds
to your entropay virtual credit card.
Go to register there then make a virtual Credit Card (You will find the options there).
In process of creating the card you will need to Load the card with minimum balance of $20 with any Visa/Mastercard Debit Card. The Balance can be used anywhere all over the internet to buy any product or service. Basically it works as a normal Credit Card all you need is to have fund in your Entropay Virtual Credit Card.
As for the satisfaction I can only say that I am using Entropay Virtual Credit Card and Seriously I am very much satisfied with the service and Customer Support. When I them for support they take maximum 4 hours to reply and this is really awesome.
The charges are also very minimum and this helps me a lot. Almost each time I load the card with $20 when I have to buy some thing and they charge me less than $1 for adding $20 to my Entropay Credit Card. The Loading Fees is only 4.95% means that If you load $100 to the card they will charge you onle $4.95.
For Details of their fees Visit this link:-

So if you are stuck up with any Credit Card Problem or verifying any account with Credit Card then Entropay Credit Cards are best in my Point of view.
Entropay ahve got no referral or Affiliate programs so this post is only for helping you out to get what you want.
Get your Virtual Credit Card Now


  1. i dont have any credit card but a debit card.will i be able to get a verified accout?

  2. Yes ofcourse you can use entroypay card to get your PayPal verified......And use your debit card to Load the card.............
    Note- It is only possible if paypal works in your country.....else you cant make it.

  3. Above all of being source information really great. Here with I have got lot of news collection form here.

  4. How to get verified? I tried using entropay to verified my paypal account but always failed. Which country and address should I use? I'm located in Indonesia

    Could you help me please

    thanks a lot

    1. If you are unable to get your paypal verified it means that you are not following the proper procedure.
      You can also take guidelines by writing to entropay customer support. They will for sure help you.
      Try it.



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