Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Start a PTC site? - BuxHost (NextGen PTC script) Reviews

In Last few years I have seem thousands of PTC site which runs on BuxHost. The script which is used by them is NextGen PTC script. First Of all I am very much annoyed with this script because of two basic reasons.
1. BuxHost has brought a revolution in PTC industry (I am jealous.... ;-)) .
2. BuxHost has brought more spammers than investors in PTC industry.
The revolution is that anyone can think of starting a PTC site of their own just paying a minimum cost of $25 per month which will include hosting, Free .COM domain registration, Payment Gateways(PayPal,
Alertpay,Liberty Reserve etc.) and a fully functioning script. BuxHost made it easier for those who are not webmasters or coders to start a PTC and run it smoothly.
Now lets talk about spammers. As I noticed almost 80%-90% BuxHost PTC becomes scam in 1 month, of course some are started with intention to scam people and get money from them. But many of them become scam because their owners don't know how to run the PTC and with very less knowledge they just jump in the pool of $25 a month scheme. Money is the only major factor that force several PTC sites to become scam. Many PTC owners have very less money to pay to their members and when it is over the site becomes scam. Many become scam due to members. If few members do not get payment then they file transaction dispute on PayPal/Alertpay due to which the PTC account on PayPal/Alertpay is freezed so they cant move further to Pay. I still remember a PTC site named MindBux, literally their admins were crying on the forum that members ruined the site by placing transaction disputes.
How to win transaction dispute against scam PTC site on PayPal/Alertpay? Click here to know
I would also like to mention about some great PTC owners who have proved that BuxHost PTC can also be great PTC site.
1. Charles Scoville - Owner of Infinitybux, TVIPTC, Powerfulbux, Buxseure, Foreverbux. All the 5 sites are running smoothly and are paying instantly to their members. Charles is from more than 1 and half year in this PTC industry he has also got several other money making websites which works on matrix system. Charles knows how to make money for these sites and pay honestly to his site members. I don't know the future but I know that he has brought revolution in PTC industry.
2. Brian Rooney - Owner of GetBuxToday the site is paying from more than a year and Brian has really shown his punctuality towards his site members. There are several members who earn $15 on that site each day and they receive their payment next day in their PayPal or Alertpay.

These are the real hero's from whom new PTC owners can take inspiration.

So what should you do before starting a PTC site?

1. Most Important thing you should have minimum $1000 in your account for initial Payments.
2. Next is that you should search various methods to generate revenue from your site for further Payments.
3. Sell upgrade cheap initially as offer but not that cheap that you ruin your own site.
4. Be open to users. Dont try to hide your real name or any info form them because it is a symbol of scammer to hide their details from users.
5. Never start a site if you are doubtful that you cant run it because it needs your punctuality to run a PTC site. Wanna start your own PTC?
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