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How to win a transaction Dispute against Scam PTC sites on PayPal and Alertpay- Dispute Guide for winning PayPal and AlertPay Dispute

Lot of us have already suffer from this : Get scammed !!!
About 70% of the bux end as a scam. Why? 
Because they start with aim to earn money and don't fear to stole people in order to do it.
Because you can buy an all-made script for cheap and some people which haven't any business skill, no sponsors,... think "Let's try!".
Because most of them run a pyramid/ponzi scheme rather than focus on advertisement income.
For lot of occur reasons

The sad things is that, when a bux run to scam there is only about 10% disputes which are launched and end to success! Why?
Some people think it's too much hard, and don't even try.
Some prefer complains and cry under their bed rather than use their rights to get back their money!
Some people took the time to give a try but make one of "the common mistake" (look below the non-exhaustive list).

When you did it correctly I would say you have over 90% luck to succeed! This worth the try!!! Even if it's one dollar, I'm one of those who think scammers don't deserve it! 
Keep in mind you have rights!!!

How to start and win Transaction Dispute on PayPal?
Answer- Rights : dispute a transaction up to 45 days after the original transaction.
How to? : open a support ticket in the "Resolution Center"

Steps in image click to open - Step1,Step2,Step3,Step4,Step5,Step6.
Step 1 : pick "Regarding a goods", then "Next".
Step 2 : enter your transaction ID, then "Next".
Step 3 : pick "I didn't get my purchase". (NOTE : that if you pick "I didn't get all my purchase" or another option it's a 100% fail. Your dispute will be closed by robot and you loose.)
Step 4 : pick "Services" and write your message.

What you should get?
1. An instant reply, to confirm your dispute is started.
Be aware there like 99% luck you don't get any reply from the seller.
STEP 5 :
5.1. Connect in your PayPal account.
5.2. Click on "Resolution Center" (top of the sheet).
5.3. Click on "Running disputes" in the drop-down menu and pick the dispute you want to turn into claim.
5.4. Click on "Display" in the column "action".
5.5. Click on "Turn this dispute into a claim with PayPal".
(fill in the text -you can copy paste the previous one you send to seller).
 WARNING : common mistakes : 

- Don't use "Goods", the type of purchase is a "Service".
- "Investment" (you did a purchase, not an investment. Because using words "investment" AlertPay/Paypal could be true saying word "investment" mean take a risk and being aware of this risk), 
- "I did not get all what I purchased" (rather "I didn't get at all what I purchased") : these payment processor don't handle "missing part" of purchase. 
- "Pleeeeeeeeease, helpppppp!" (you are not asking for pity, you are in right and have to be sure about it : explain the matter and ask what you deserve!)
- If you have several purchases to dispute, you need to open same amount of dispute (each time with related ID), open one dispute asking for all won't give any result.
- Don't forget to confirm the transaction was completed less than 30/45 days ago and that you tried to resolve issue with merchant.
- Keep in mind the one who scammed you is the bux owner, not AlertPay/PayPal : means shut down alert, breathe a bit and explain with accurate words the matter.
- Spam payment processor with tickets = 100% fail. If you need to hear news, use your ID to check current status of the dispute or call them.
Short example of a dispute request:-

Dear {AlertPay}/{PayPal} support,
The xx-xx-xxxx I did a purchase at ***.com tracked with the following ID : **-****-***.
As the delay quoted in their Terms of Service is over while the service was not provided at all and as I stay without news from the seller ********@*****.*** after several try to contact him, I would be thankfull that you took the required actions.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you,
How to start and win Transaction Dispute on Alertpay?
Answer-  Rights : dispute a transaction up to 30 days after the original transaction.
How to? : open a support ticket @

Step 1 : pick "Transaction Dispute", click on "Next".
Step 2 : fill in the ticket with right information (your account information : this is wrote in your personnal setting, the seller information : this is wrote on your transaction).

What you should get?
1. An instant reply, to confirm your dispute is started.
2. After some days, a feed back about how it's going and what you need to do.
Don't forget to follow the requirment carefully. Most of time scammer never answer, so your only work is to warn AlertPay in the right delay.


  1. Hi,
    I have been on PTC for more than 4years and probably, I can say that there are some legit and trusted site out there like what have you mention above, but since I discovered tricks how to exploit PTC sites, I stopped doing clicking and started automating the whole process.



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