Thursday, December 22, 2011

Infinitybux, TVIPTC, Buxsecure, Powerfulbux and Foreverbux are currently almost scam for standard members!!!!

Today I opened my Infinitybux, Powerfulbux and Buxsecure account to click the ads and I found this messege from the admin Charles:-

"Purchases through AlertPay are primarily with Visa/MC. Since AlertPay's Visa/MC outage, we've seen a substantial drop in sales, which affected our payment plan directly.
After holding off to make changes for over 2 1/2 months, we were told by our AlertPay account manager that Visa/MC will not be returning until AT LEAST the end of
She also explained there is no way to guarantee the end of Jan as the actual return point, depending on 3rd party banking partners, success of the testing, and various other reasons.
Changes you will notice:
- Self sponsored ads have been removed.
- Only upgrades are counted as investments
- Mini/Micro ads Now make you Referral Click Earnings :-)
- $14.99/yr upgrade Now Available
- Referrals Now $0.50 each!
- Upgrading makes you 10 TIMES MORE from your referral clicks
- Advertising prices stayed low and affordable for all
We are working with buxhost to see about adding additional features to the script to make this even better for you.
Please know, we did all we could to avoid this change.
We're already seeing quite a few members taking advantage of the $14.99/yr upgrade option. Multiplying this through, it's well worth the price - especially since you can have unlimited referrals.
If you have need to contact support, remember support is in the forum.

This is really a bad news for almost all members because it will fall the earnings on these sites. Well it is good to hear from the admin himself that there is a problem going on. 
So all I would like to say is that until Alertpay returns back on track Infinitybux, Powerfulbux, Buxsecure, TVIPTC and Foreverbux are almost scam for standard members as they will get ads worth $0.001 as the self sponsored ads are removed by infinitybux admin and very few people buy ads which pay $0.01 per click. So stay tuned until Alertpay returns to pay thousands of members  of this site.



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