Saturday, December 17, 2011

Microworkers Problem with Credit Card Payment!!

I tried it twice and it was really a bad experience for me. I tried to deposit $25 in Microworkers account and It was really very bad experience for me that It wrote Transaction failed but the Amount was charged to my Virtual Credit Card. I wrote to microworkers several times about it but I got no reply, finally I wrote to my virtual Credit card support team. They told me that while I was making Payment Microworkers didn't claimed the money. I asked Microworkers to claim the money and Put it to my
account but still I got no reply from them.
So the unclaimed money was send back to my Virtual Credit Card Account in 1 month as Visa Rules and Regulations. After that I tried again to Pay to microworkers but the same story Continued and I am waiting for one month to complete so that the money comes back to my account and I can use it somewhere else.
So beware- If you are going to use Virtual Credit Card on Microworkers then it may be possible that you will face the same story as me. Try to avoid it. Or Pay Microworkers using Alertpay.
Thats All!!!
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