Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PTCBOX Reviews - PTCBOX is not Scam join quickly and get more Referrals

PTCBOX the name I am hearing on internet from past few days. I first took PTCBOX as a scam but the growing craze in people about PTCBOX made me to change my view and it forced me to write about the site. I joined it today after watching several PTCBOX payment proofs on the internet.
Seriously now I think that PTCBOX ahs got potential of Clixsense I am not telling that it should be given the same value but the site PTCBOX is started by owner of Matrixmails.com the site which is online and paying from last 10 years approx.
This point is really very convincing that owner of PTCBOX is admin of 10 years paying website.

Now let me tell you what I liked most about PTCBOX:-
1.The Look of the site is really awesome.
2. The control Panel is cool and unique.
3.The cool thing is that the Upgrade Program of PTCBOX is very unique and is the best as I have seen the Programs of other PTCs.
There are 3 Upgrade programs as far as I remember worth $30, $60 and $100. PTCBOX has taken care of all types of member group except the free members. Because free members can only Cashout $2 from the site and it is the Limit, on the other hand Other members can cashout unlimited amount of money from PTCBOX.
4. The Best Part is Zero Loss Gurantee from PTCBOX.
Zero Loss Gurantee Means If you Pay $60 for the upgrading and in the end of the year if you make less than $60 suppose you make $40 then PTCBOX will provide you $20 in your account for fulfilling your loss. I don't want to write a 1000 word article about PTCBOX and waste your time all I would like to say that it is a great change and I don't want anyone to miss this earning Legend PTC.


  1. PTC BOX is a scam.
    I already earn $5 but when I request for withdrawal, they didnot pay until now

  2. Free members can only withdraw $2 as far as I know.....hope it helps... :-D

  3. Free members can withdraw any amount they want as long as it is over $2 there is no upper limit.

    I got to ask to the person who originally commented, how can it be a scam if you got paid your $5? That comment makes no sense at all.

  4. @PTCBox scam
    Dear Friend Actually the Anonymous person who has commented above wanted to tell that his account balance is $5 but when he withdrawed the fund he didnt got it in his account.
    Hope you understand now that what he/she wanted to say.
    And so the comment makes sense.
    May be he/she would have received payment after several days.

  5. I received my 1st payment ($35.15) :)
    Please join as my ref:

    1. Great Dimis....Thank you for letting us know about your succss.
      Hope you will share with us in future also...



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