Saturday, December 17, 2011 can be scam soon !!! which is operated by owner of yimbux and yepbux can be a scam site soon as the two PTCs of the owner Yimbux and yepbux are scam now and are not paying. Technically the excuse of the owner is that Alertpay is not accepting credit cards but the fact is that the owner is not Paying to members who have asked payment through Liberty Reserve, also the Admin of Yim and Yepbux have removed all posts from the "Problems and Doubts" Section of the forum so that the registering of new members do not get affected. This Proves that the owner is
not willing to pay to the members and It may be possible that sooner or later Savingfive will also not pay. So for the question that Is scam? I would say that now it is not scam but as we have seen the condition of the PTC sites from the owner it can be said that it can also become scam soon.

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