Friday, December 16, 2011

Two Important News About Clixsense!!!!

Today I am going to share two important news about Clixsense obviously the Legend PTC on the internet.

Two Major changes that took place on clixsense are:-
1. They started a Forum of their own.
2. They don't allow anyone now to change their upline so Referral shifting has stopped and is good news for them who are losing referrals.
The Forum Seems to be running great and you can meet lot of successful members there who have made lot of money on Clixsense also you can get some tips regarding "How you can earn more money from Clixsense and other PTCs. Obviously they have hired some voluntary moderators for their forum and I don't know what perks they are giving to moderators but as far as I know the perks are none.

The second news was that no one can change their upline now. So Referral thieves can not convince anyone now to come under their upline. It is good for them who got referrals by struggling hard or advertising and its bad for those who convince other people to come in their downline.
Anyways I found these news so I Posted them to share with you all.
Please make sure that you give your opinion in the comments.

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