Monday, December 12, 2011 is a scam because till now no payment proof...... is an online website which pays people for sharing their links online with other people.As far as I have seen you can get upto $0.05 per share. Normally it is seen that there are high rate available for USA sharing. This site also gives you $5 in your account when you signup here. The thought is good and the site can be online if only the links are brought by someone for members to share but the problem is that has no withdrawal button also till now no payment proofs are available which can be trusted. I am providing you link of our Forum where the staff of came to say that they are legit.
Here is the link:-

If you find any proof or good news about payment from this site then let me know because I have not worked here till now but if the site pays I am interested in working on the site. 

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