Sunday, December 11, 2011

YepBux is a scam now.... :-(

I invested more than $80 in upgradation and advertisement of my yepbux referral link but now it seems that yepbux is not in mood to pay. I am waiting from 10 days and i have got no reply form admin or staff of yepBux.The total amount that I have taken out from there is $28 and now it seems that I will not get any payment from yepbux now. I am waiting very patiently that maybe the Alertpay issue would be solved and I will get my Payment. If you are facing the same condition then let me and others know in the comment below.
Screenshot of my pending payment from YepBux is provided below:-


  1. Have you been paid now by yepbux?

  2. Nope,
    My $25 is stuck there after which I didnt clicked there. And they havent paid me yet after their alertpay excuses.



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