Monday, December 19, 2011

Yimbux is scam now Beware !!!

After Paying 5 months to its members I m very sorry to say that yimbux is scam now. Yimbux was online since July 26 2011 and currently has more than 75000 members. Many of the members have invested a lot on the site and they can face serious loss. If you have also invested there and place your transaction dispute as soon as Possible on Alertpay so that you have chances to get your money back.
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The owner of yimbux has removed all the posts from the "Problems and Doubts" section of their forum It is also a proof that Yimbux is scam now.
Yimbux was boosted by inifinitybux owner so the site was able to gather more than 75000 members in 5 months. Yimbux owner has one more PTC named Yepbux which is also scam now. There are various other site like of Yimbux owner which is scam or can become scam soon.
Initially I was hoping that yimbux and yepbux would become great success as it was recommended by infinitybux owner but now I belive that any PTC site can become scam any time. So I would like to beware you all that invest in only stable PTCs. Dont waste your money here and there. Leave your experience with yimbux in comment below so that others can also get aware of facts.


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    1. I was lucky....i supported this site but never upgraded.I advertised a few times and even got some referrals for Clixsense.All in all i wasted just my time.Also,allow me to say DONT JOIN coop program for GetBuxToday.I had argument with owner Brian Rooney that his coops were a waste of money and i see he still continues them.Whats that say about him?Even tho it seems he pays his members but if you wanna invest in a site i recommend Clixsense.

      Also i am doing a new one called

      Not sure of verdict on this 1 yet


  2. SwagBucks is an high paying get-paid-to website.



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