Thursday, January 5, 2012

CashCamel Is Legit or Scam... CashCamel Reviews. is an Aurora with about 3 months and that pay more. The  earning is very slow there, but it has a very low minimum payout. The site is in the list of legit sites because there are no problems and the member get paid immediately. However, it is recommended that members use the site to fully test it before investing. A paid position cannot simply pay more at any time. is a risk and I suggest that
you should not invest or buy upgrades for new site. For at least 6 months if it's a year. At least wait for the first payment before making any investment decision.
The main reason why we see this is as a disadvantage, because of the large number of new sites that pass through many sudden changes in the first 6 months. Like Click through the price changes, the payment processor problems (PayPal restrictions), and on late of payments. New sites are known to change their mandate. It’s why we not recommended investing in new sites. has a forum. Forums are great for the communication between the members and staff. Members can give proof of payment, to ask for help and stay informed of changes on the website. We can find their forum here:
CashCamel ads are different. Aurora pages are not for everyone. These types of sites by paying a fraction of a percentage point. Although they tend to be slightly better than its competitors that is "Bux" site. Some prefer Aurora, and some prefer "Bux". Personally, we don’t have any problem as long as we get paid.
But the important thing is CashCamel is paying and proof of payment can be found on the forum and through the Internet.
CashCamel accept member by all countries And You can Get UNLIMITED Referral. This site cashout is currently $ 0.01 to $ 1.01 for PayPal and AlertPay. Which should be an easy target to achieve and get paid. From what we see, the minimum payment will not increase after the first disbursement.

I recommend this as a great site for PayPal cashout because very few sites pay with paypal now a days, however there is a fee of 1% that eats your whole balance if you withdraw 1 cent.... ;-)


  1. I got my second payment from cashcamel:-

  2. bagaimana caranya withdrawl di cash camel? karena setiap withdraw selalu saja secret pin saya wrong secret pin.. (pin salah) mohon bantuanya)

  3. Yes i am also on this site a long time and it gave me big cash every month.

  4. i got same problem...wrong pin and i have send ticket but no reply

  5. cashcamel does not want us to withdraw our money!
    You will be paid within 72 hours upon withdrawal
    your PIN won’t work
    you cannot withdraw your money there!



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