Sunday, January 8, 2012

PTC site which pays with PayPal....Bemabux Reviews!!!

I am frustrated with PTCs which were paying with Alertpay and now all of them are saying the same thing that Alertpay is not accepting Credit Cards so they cant pay now. So I though the solution to this problem must be the PTC sites which are Paying through PayPal. I saw a site named Bemabux 6 months ago but I didn't bothered to join it because the infinitybux chain convinced me that they are the best.
But after this Alertpay Problem
I strongly agree with a concept of keeping options in our hands so I joined Bemabux as the site seemed very convincing to me.
The major facts that attracted me to join Bemabux are:-
1. Payment with PayPal and Alertpay instantly.
2. 10 years subscription with Buxhost.
3. Private server on Buxhost.
4. More than 60000 members.
5. Paying instantly from more than last 6 months.
6. Got 8 upgrade level starting from $9.95 to $499.
I recommend you to join Bemabux. Any site cant be trusted 100%  but here we have scope of trust because they have got PayPal.(How to get your PayPal verified?Click here)

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