Saturday, January 7, 2012

RichPTC reviews......RichPTC is legit or scam?

I saw this site today and I felt that how people make fool to others. RichPTC cant be trusted because of many reasons:-
1. $1 per click- not possible in this century. Seriously you should not believe that you will get $1 per click.
2. $10 per signup- If this becomes true someday guys please comment below and let me know because I will be millionaire in the next month.

3. $1000 cashout- Shows that they are strictly trying to make fool as 90% people will not reach the $1000 cashout amount and the rest who reach the cashout amount would be banned or restricted with some hidden rules.

So here I told you few facts that are practically not possible and still this site is providing you. Sites like RichPTC only come online to waste time and money of people.So all I wanna say that don't waste time  here search for some legit and good PTC sites.
Else if you want to test it go ahead and let me know I was right or wrong ;-)

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