Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wealthenginex reviews.......Legit or Scam?

A large number of payment proofs are all over the internet so it cant be said that is a scam but for the matter of fact I would like to make you people aware that what profit the admin is getting from this website.
Till Date there are 1612 members which means that 1612 X $19=$30628 so the owner of the site was paid Thirty thousand six hundred twenty eight Dollars by its members. And the site has paid
total $15742 till date. It means that approx $15000 is in admins pocket.
So what are the benefits of this website to the admin.
1. Large Profits ($15000 from 1600 members).
2. They get a good mailing list of members who are wishing to pay to continue their future websites.

So if you are willing to join the site for sure you should if you can get referrals and earn lot of money there.  But if you have got few hundred dollars I would suggest you to open your own website like this and earn lot of profit.
Because all it cost is building the website and advertising else every cost is given by its members because this site works on matrix system and all you need is to manage it properly and it will give you golden eggs soon.


  1. This program is crashing and burning as we speak. There are 243 members left. That's about 10% of what there was at its peak. At least I think it might even be a lesser percent. I paid for one month and diverted ALL my advertising to it. I made exactly ZERO money. ZERO. I got exactly ZERO referrals for the programs I advertised on it. The ONLY thing that happened with that program is that I lost $19 and all my advertising resources that I poured into it. Obviously that is what has happened with the other 2,000+ members who are no longer members. That loud sucking noise you hear is WealthEngineX circling the drain. And it's owner, Charles Scoville, can go right down the drain with this loser program and his no paying/selective paying ptc sites and any other BS programs he comes up with in the future. It might not have looked like a scam when it started but in my book, when it doesn't work like it's hyped up to work, then its a scam, regardless of the relatively few people who actually did make money and actually did get paid. A few people do make money in pyramid schemes and they actually do get paid, but pyramids are scams ANYWAY and SO is WealthEngineX.

    1. Thank you for making us aware with the latest updates....



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