Monday, January 9, 2012

ZoomBucks is Legit or Scam....ZoomBucks Reviews

ZoomBucks is a GPT site, same as swagbucks. You get paid to do search, watch videos and take surveys, complete some offers, shopping, and other activities. Site has paid over a year and ZoomBucks Payment Proof is all over the internet so I dont want to copy it from somewhere and paste here. So obviously ZoomBucks will be added to the list of legit. The advantages and disadvantages of this site:- 
ZoomBucks has a forum. Forums are great for the communication
between the members and staff. Members can give proof of payment, to ask for help and stay informed of changes on the website. 
Http: / / find their forum here. You can find ZoomBucks Facebook and Twitter too.
The key is ZoomBucks is still paying. You can get paid and proof of payment in the forum and through the Internet to be found. Here are some places where you can view this review:
In ZoomBucks, you can create an unlimited number of referrals. There is no limit to the number of referrals you may have. ZoomBucks is ideal for promoters and those who can find many active people.
ZoomBucks accept member from all countries. So far there are no restrictions and anyone can come and save this page. We update if this changes.
ZoomBucks has a very low risk. No request for investment or money from you. And ZoomBucks is completely free. All you lose is your time.
ZoomBucks referral earning, you can earn 10% of your referrals earn points for life.
ZoomBucks minimum payout is $ 5. You can withdraw your earning to PayPal and Amazon gift card. The cashout take a little time, maybe for verification purpose. You can earn money by finishing an offer at their site. If you are from USA, CANADA, or UK It will be better for you, because offer more available than other countries.
So far, ZoomBucks is legit and paying.


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