Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Best sites to start a free blog..... :-D

Many people plan to start their own blog and they jump into payed blogging by paying their domain registrar and Website Hosting Provider. I would suggest that you should first try a free blog from where you can move to private domain and private web hosting provider in future. So today I am providing a list of best sites to start a free blog:-
1. Blogger

Blogger is one of the oldest free blogging platform. It has got a great user friendly interface and it can help a lot to new bloggers. As a matter of fact if your blog grows big sooner or later and you start receiving traffic then you can buy custom domain name for blogger. And guess what blogger is owner by Google. Join Blogger CLICK HERE.

2. Wordpress
The second is wordpress. Although wordpress has two types. One is of format "" and the other can be self hosted on a custom domain. Here we are talking about the free version so I would like to tell that it has got less option than blogger but still it is good one. Join Wordpress CLICK HERE.

3. is also a free service which provides a great benefit of unlimited bandwidth to non paid members. The paying members which are also called pro members get much more benefits than free members. Join CLICK HERE.

4. Open Diary
Open Diary is also one of the best site to start a free blog. Here you have got a facility of unlimited storage. Their subscription rates are comparatively very low and have got much advance functionality. Join Open Diary CLICK HERE.

5. Live Journal
This is a great platform for blogging because unlike other free blogging websites this is also a social network for bloggers which helps a lot in communicating with other bloggers and experts. It can also get you good traffic if you have got a nice blog. Join Live Journal CLICK HERE.

6. Tumblr
This site cant be said a complete blogging website as there are very few options. Here you can post only few things like posts, images, videos etc. Overall it can be said as micro blogging website. Join Tumblr CLICK HERE.

7. Blogsome
This site also provides facility of free blogging. It is well known that blogsome blogs are hosted on Wordpress. Join Blogsome CLICK HERE.

8. Blogetery
Blogetery is quiet different concept from other blogging sites. They actually pay their members for blogging. Their revenue share is comparatively higher than other programs. They pay you upto 90% profit made by them through your blog. Join Blogetery CLICK HERE.

Again we can say that it has got different concept from others. As on weebly you can make a complete website. Functionality are low than original websites but it has got better interface than blogs. In return they place few ads on your blog, if you upgrade then they will remove the ads. Join Weebly CLICK HERE.

10. Blogster
As something was different in each of the sites listed above this site has also got some difference. Blogster offers free blogging solution but it also provides free image hosting solution. Join Blogster CLICK HERE.

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