Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Important Tips to Become a Successful Blogger... :-)

Blogging is one of the latest era of hobbies and new members are coming daily to become successful here. But have you ever noticed that why is it so that very few of the bloggers only become successful while other do not reach the mark line of successful. There are many reasons and I am not going to tell the reasons directly, but I am going to tell you that how can you become a successful blogger and Earn online from Blogging. The main problem is that many people read on the internet that you can make money from blogging and they think I should try it. But what they actually do is
that they only try they never show the desperation needed to make a blog successful. Now take this post as a piece of advice and I bet you will never regret it. If you apply these things on yourself, you will for sure become a successful blogger. 

1. Make blog for others not for yourself
While making a blog it is very important to note that you are making blog for helping others to get information or update information. Many of you think that you can write whatever you want, but that condition applies when you are a star blogger and you got members to read your blog. If you are a new blogger you will have to write in such a way that people like it and feel that it is useful.

2. Take it as a job
Many people just visit their blog in a week and do some posting and then come back after a week or two. This is not gonna work. If you have started a blog to make it successful then seriously take it as a job. You will have to come and post on the blog daily. You will have to give  1 hour from every 24 hours. More time you give here daily, more successful blogger you will become.

3. Uniqueness
Uniqueness is a thing that everyone loves to see. If you post some unique posts daily on your blog then your readers will return to look that whats new today. trust me after a year or two you will come to know that how much traffic you are getting from your old readers.

4. Make it attractive
Many people just go on the blog and post there without caring the fonts and colors. But it doesn't works in that way. You need to use such things on your blog that people love to see. Use sober colors and make your blog posts look pleasant. 

5. Be Active
When I say be active then it does not means that be active only on posting. You need to be active on your blog to reply people for their comments. I mean those are the real things for which people wait to get a reply from Admin of the blog.

6. SEO and Backlinks
There are the basic pillars for the page rank and other ranks of your blog. You will have to use perfect keywords. Do the SEO yourself or get it done by someone else. And the last but most important is Get quality backlinks. When I say quality backlinks it really means quality. You will have to get backlinks from high page rank websites and blogs to improve your own page rank. And trust me this works great.

7. Ask for feedbacks
Always ask your members for feedback. This really helps many successful bloggers to knock out many problems which they cant do by their own. People love to tell you about they like it or not. So they will for sure tell you sometimes that if they don't like it.

8. Link with other bloggers
This is always a better option to make friends then why not contact with other bloggers and be in touch so that you can share backlinks and many other useful information that can take time for you to learn if you are alone.

9. Use Social Networking and Directory Submission
If you want crawlers to crawl on your webpage quickly then for sure you should do some directory submission. Also make social profiles for you blog where people can interact with you and other readers. Also they can get daily updates there.

10. Have Patience
You need to have patience if you are willing to earn money from your blog. Don't just put ads here and there in hurry. Wait for blog to grow. If you really work hard it will take 6 months to 1 year. After that you are free to post advertisement. Put never put advertisement in such manner that it irritates your readers.

That all. If you follow these for sure you can become a successful blogger.
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