Wednesday, February 15, 2012

10 things that you will love about mturk

Mturk is a great GPT site and it is known to all the freelancers. So here are top 10 things that I like about Mturk and I hope you will like it too.
1. Its simple to work with. Just sign up there and start working. No trouble of applying forms and interviews etc.

2. Mturk is owned by Amazon. Its not like many other sites whose owners are unknown and that can scam people.

3. They pay you with check or you can use the balance to buy stuffs on Amazon. Its really very cool to earn and buy stuffs there.

4. You can get paid in your bank account. For some countries they have also introduced check system for the currency of that particular country. For example India.

5. Most of the requester pay quickly there. They take maximum 24 hours and many pay in few hours.

6. Its a site where you can work any time. No office hours no time bounds, just work when to are free and want to work.

7. You are free to work however you want to. No boss or senior poking you every time. Just stay wherever you want and enjoy it while working.

8. A range of jobs are available there. , like surveys, Facebook like, Youtube video thumbs up etc. Some jobs are quiet tough and may take time. But guess what you are your own boss here select any hit you want to do.

9. You will never face a problem of working with any annoying person with you. If you work in an office you will meet lot of good people and few annoying ones too. So here you are safe from the annoying ones... :-)

10. Amazon Mturk is a new concept and era of working and earning online. Its a new thing that I would love to try and the best part is that it makes money for me... :-)
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