Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 things you will hate about Microworkers!!!

Microworkers is a great GPT site and it is Paying its members from several years. I have also made some bucks there and the site is good enough to earn online if you have got lot of time.
But there are few facts about microworkers that you will hate about this site:-

1. No PayPal:
Many members across the world prefer to get paid through PayPal but microworkers do not gives the PayPal option anymore. Few months back Microworkers provided the option of getting paid with PayPal but now they don't and this is really a negative aspect of Microworkers.

2. Poor Customer Support:
Microworkers have got very poor customer support both for workers and employers. I have heard many complaints about this problem all over the internet. They simply don not respond to any emails or messages. If you are stuck up with any problem related to query then you will have to sort it out yourself by searching the internet.

3. HG jobs:
After introducing HG jobs the quality and quantity of jobs available on microworkers has degraded. The jobs which are worth $3 - $4 are listed for $0.05 -$0.50 in HG jobs section. The most amazing thing is that people are still doing the jobs on such a small payment. Very few jobs are available in the main section. Whenever I login in my microworkers account I see 20 to 40 jobs in the HG section and 10 to 20 jobs in the main section. This is really very bad aspect.

4. No Forum:
Although they are making lot of money from the site still they have got no forum where members can discuss various problems about jobs and employers or can post payment proofs. They just love to keep secrets rather than opening up with hard working members.

5. Pin system:
You must be knowing that for receiving your first and next payments a PIN is mailed to you to your address. many members even don't receive it and pay $2 for sending it second or third time. This is one of the worse system of microworkers. Even if they are willing to stop spammers from coming to their site they should apply rules like uploading identity proof like mturk. Sending PIN in months and keeping members to wait for their payment is a bad way to deal with hard working members.

6. Credit Card problem:
This is a big problem for employers. Many of the employers are unable to upload money with help of credit cards. They must use any other transaction gateway provider to get rid of this problem because due to this many employers are moving away from the site and the members are losing jobs.

These were the 6 things you will hate about Microworkers. I have shared this with you from my personal experience with microworkers. If this post helped you then please leave a reply below in comments. If you found this post informative and liked it then share it with you friends. 
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  1. Every single line is full of meaning and kind of need for coming future. This blog is so much necessary for the related people. Really helpful for those who read it as me and very thanks to u for posting it. Best of luck.

  2. you are absolutely right. i also found these problem in microworkers.
    but "Pin system" and "HG jobs" biggest problem...
    i had used it harder in starting but the result was bad. i never seen any job greater than $.75.


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