Wednesday, February 8, 2012 is Legit or Scam?

So this is my 8th review of the chain "Sites Like Fiverr". This time I am going to talk about The site says that What you could buy or sell for $20 but actually you can buy and sell there fro $5 to $20. The site look is almost same as old fiverr look. I didn't saw any buying and selling activity going on there so I would suggest that don't read this review until you really wanna know the life story of 
So now let me tell you about some internet aspects
Point1. I checked the whois database of and found that the domain was registered in August 2010 on It means that the lifetime of that site is approx 1.5 years. Also the domain is not privacy protected so you can see the owners name there. Since the name is disclosed to public it means that the site has got very less chances to spam the public. It is a good aspect.
Point 2. I checked the Alexa Rank of and found that the Global Alexa Rank of is more than 1200000 and the USA alexa rank is near 600000. So for a site like in 1.5 years gaining such rank is not a respectable aspect for such a money making site. Its really a bad point about
Point3. I checked the Page Rank of and found that it has got PR0. It is the worse because even small blogs manage to get PR1 in 2 months. And this money making site has got 0, its really bad. 
Finally after checked these things I really didn't needed to go to Google and do some research about it because obviously it would be a waste of time.
Finally I would like to say that currently the site has got almost no buyers still for future reference you can place your selling gigs there, maybe someone in future buys there.
If you have got any experience with the site then please share it with us here in comments below.
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