Saturday, February 4, 2012 is Legit or Scam?

Now this is my third post from the chain "Sites like". Here I am going to tell you about which is a cool freelancing site and is similar to Fiverr but here you can buy or sell gigs for $5 to $50. So this is the main difference.
Now let me tell you about some of the internet aspects of
Point1. When I checked the whois database then I found that the site is registered on and the domain was registered in April 2010. It means that the
domain was registered approx 2 years before. 
The main point to be noted I found that the domain as got private registration and the owner name cant be seen in the whois database. This is a suspicious point because an owner of a legit site should never hide his/her name. After that I confirmed that their name and address are provided on their terms of service page. So my confusion was over that they are trying to scam.
Point2. When I checked the Alexa rank of then I found that The Global Alexa rank is less than 15000 also the USA Alexa rank is less than 15000. Alexa shows that the site is linking in more than 3000 other sites. This is a strong aspect of and this rank is much better than my first two reviews about and So is the best of three till now in Alexa rank.
Point3. Now I checked the Page Rank of and found that has got PR3 which is quiet convincing that the site has got good reputation on Google.

Finally I went on google for internet research on and found mix opinion of users who are using Gigbucks. Few are saying that the site is a scam and many are saying that the site is cool and has paid them. Here you can see a forum discussion about Gigbucks:-

Finally I came to my conclusion that is a cool website and people are getting paid there, I am not talking about those who break TOS. 
Friends if you have any experience about then please share it with us in comment below.
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  2. I think , is good :)

  3. Gigbucks is not scam. I'm working there from more than 1 year.

  4. Gigbucks is 110% scam. Please stay away from them!!

  5. If you want anyone to believe your scam claim then maybe you should grow some balls and stop using Anonymous as your name

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