Saturday, February 4, 2012 is Legit or Scam!!!

This is my second post related to the chain "Sites like Fiverr". Here I gonna tell you about my research on The site is quiet cool and it can be said that it is almost same as Fiverr only the domain and graphics are different. 
Now let me tell you guys about the internet aspects of
1. When I checked the whois database of then I found that the domain was registered in June 2010 by Godaddy, so its more than one and half year till now. Also I noticed that the name of the person is
not listed in the whois database. It says Private Registration when you check whois data on Godaddy. This Point brings this site under small confusing condition because the owner of a site who is willing to stay online for long will never set the domain to Private Registration. If he/she does so then it may be possible that they can spam in future. Its not always true but I can't ignore the maybe also.
2. When I checked the Alexa rank of then I found that The Global Alexa Rank of is above 150000 and the USA Alexa rank is above 100000. Now if I compare the site with my first site of this chain called then we find that in 1.5 years the site has got a rank which is more than 150000, on the other hand in one year has got Global Alexa Rank below 25000. So if we take this as competition then is quiet better than
3. Now when I checked the Page rank of on then I found that the Page Rank of is 1 which is very less than In one year has got PR3 and in 1.5 year has got PR1. So this point also seems to be disappointing for

I tried my best to find Payment Proof of this site all over the internet or any other reviews that can help you guys, but unfortunately I was unable to find one. No one is talking about this site now a days and It seems that the site has got lack of buyers and sellers.
So I can only suggest you that you can place your gigs there and lets see someone is coming to buy or not.
If you have any personal experience with then feel free to share it with me in comments below also you can ask you question regarding any money making site.
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