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How to get referrals for PTC, GPT or any Money Making Site?

Many of you must be trying hard to get referrals on PTC, GPT or any other money making sites. In this post I will disclose the technique How I got 100 referrals for a PTC site in a week. Also I will write about How I got 94 referrals for Rylcolikes in 50 days for free. Its all about how much you expose your referral link to the targeted members who can be interested in it.

So first I will tell you about How I got 100 referrals on a PTC site:

Well when I starting to click on a PTC site I was not aware of that fact that all I needed to earn on PTC was referrals I only clicked daily and seriously it was the worse thing I have ever done online to make money. After getting some experience and Idea in few months I thought I should get some referrals and then I did some mathematics. I saw positive results. Initially I decided to invest a sum of $25 in advertisement of any PTC site. So I joined the site Yepbux(Which is a scam now!!) and then I was looking for a place where I can place my advertisement. I searched here and there then I thought I should place ads on Clixsense. When I rushed there I found that if you want to put banner ads on clixsense then you will have to buy it from adhitz network - Visit this link for Clixsense advertisement . I signed up on adhitz to buy banner ads on clixsense, trust me the ads were sold out and I was able to buy it after 2 weeks. That is the problem with big sites having 1900000 +members, you will have to wait to buy ads there. But trust me this type of advertisement is much more effective as compared to advertising on any small PTC site with few thousand members. One thing you should note that you always need an attractive banner which should be different from others so that people can notice them. If you get a gif animated banner built by someone which shows some blinking animation then it will give you the maximum output. I have tried the blinking banner concept myself and it was much better than the normal banners provided by PTCs. I placed my referral links on various social networking pages and many forum which helped me to get 20 referrals. After that I started my campaign of getting referrals by advertisement, finally my blinking banner was placed on clixsense and everyday I was getting 30-35 referrals from clixsense so I managed to reach a count of 120 in 7 days including my social network and forum exposure.
So the summary of this story is that I got 3-4 referrals for each $1 I invested on advertisement. So this gives you an idea that how much you need to invest in advertisement for the particular number of referrals.

Next I am going to tell you that how I got 94 referrals on rylcolikes in 50 days for free:
First of all rylcolikes is like a new concept for making money so it was easy for me to promote it on social networks. People checked it and they joined it because they saw a way to make money from facebook. So I received 30 referrals form the social network and the rest 60 referrals I got then from this blog itself. I placed the banner on top right sidebar and everyday I received 1,2 or 3 refferals for free.
So here the summary is that you can get more referrals if you have got a blog which is SEO optimized and which gets visitors regularly.
If you have got any experience with getting referrals the share it with us in comments below and if you like this post then share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
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