Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to get Twitter followers and Facebook likes for free?

If you are a marketing guy or you own a website then this post is gonna help you to get some permanent traffic through social media. Ya I am talking about Twitter and Facebook. If you have got a lot of followers on twitter of a large amount of fans on Facebook then its quiet easy to get a huge traffic to your new posts or website. Even these things help you to build strong affiliate marketing websites. So here today I am going to talk about- How to get Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes for free?

Its Simple, I found that there are two websites that can get you large number of fans for your Facebook Page or Large number of followers for your Twitter account. The sites are listed below:-
So these are the sites and first I will Talk about Twiends:-
Twiends is a site which has got the basic concept for increasing twitter followers. On Twiends you just need to join and follow other members which will get you seeds. The seeds get you your new followers. Le t me explain this to you a bit. Suppose someone offers 8 seeds if you follow him/her and you just followed him and got 8 seeds now suppose you have set in your Twiends account that you offer 2 seeds to each follower. Then you will gain 4 followers from those 8 seeds. I hope you understood it now.
Now there is one more thing on Twiends. They offer 25 seeds for each new referral you send on Twiends.
They will give you a referral link and you can use it anywhere to get referrals. Also if you are not willing click and get seeds then of course you can purchase it.
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The second site I am gonna talk about is YouLikeHits:-
This site has got a vast range as compared to Twiends. Here you don't need seeds instead you will need points to get Facebook Fans or Twitter followers. As I was talking about the wide range so here it is, you can get Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Stumble Upon Followers, Digg Followers, Youtube Views, Website Traffic, Google+ Friends and Myspace Followers on YouLikeHits. It also gives you an alternative that you can Follow few people on twitter and get Fans on Facebook Fan Page or vice versa. Or you can use anything from the 8 listed and you can get fans or followers for anyone of them, all you need is points which you can either buy or collect or gain by referring others.
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