Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to make money from Twitter?... SponsoredTweets Review!!

Today morning while was just surfing the internet I found a site which practically helps you to earn from your twitter account. I was really amazed to see this the site name is "SponsoredTweets". The site is really awesome as it has got lot of opportunities if you have followers. 
Basically I have seen many sites selling Facebook likes but this one is quiet cool. They has got simple and easy rules that you can follow easily and make money from twitter.
Talking about the website "SponsoredTweets", I was flattered to see their offers and functionality. Firstly I determined that it would be a simple site selling tweets but on the other hand I found that there are many celebrities there selling their tweets
and really I was impressed.
So let me tell you step by step how you can join "SponsoredTweets" and make money from twitter.

2. On home page you will find a "Sign Up as Tweeter". Click on it.
3. They will ask you to sign up from your twitter account. Just do it.
4. Finally a form will appear asking for your email Id and desired rate of per tweet. Fill it an update your profile.
And there you are. Now three important things you should make sure to prevent your from being kept on hold:-
1. Your Account must be minimum 60 days old.
2. You must have 50 followers.
3. You must have updated your tweets 100 times.
These are the criteria which helps to prevent spammers on their site.
Now if you have made and account on and still you are not getting any opportunities then they have got a Referral program for you.
They provide you your referral links and banners which you can post on various forums, blogs and websites to get referrals. They pay you straight 10% commission if you are a tweeter there. If you are a advertiser the they will pay you 5% commission.
So this is how you can make money from twitter. Hope you liked the post. If you have any experience with then please share with us in comments below. If you want your friends to know about making money from twitter then share it on Facebook and Twitter.
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