Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to sell your first gig on Fiverr?

Hello friends in this post I an going to tell you about how you can sell your first gig on Fiverr. As we know the competition is very high on that site and after fiverr introduced different levels for members it is really very tough job to sell your first gig there, if you are not having anything that is rare.
Now many people dont have any rare talent that can be sold for $5 so they just sell simple gigs like:-
1. Graphic Designing.
2. Article writing.
3. Blog Posting.
4. Blog/ Forum Comments.

But it is really tough to make your first 5-10 sales.
Now the strategy which I used for selling my first few gigs really worked very well so I thought I can share it with you all. 
It is very simple.On the very right bottom of the site Fiverr you must have seen this thing called Request Gigs.
Here people request gigs from the sellers who can do it. Its just like that they either don't want to search for gigs related to what they need or the work they want to be done is of rare type.
Here when you click on any username (For example indygoraya as shown in right figure) then the link will lead you to a conversation page with that user here you can send a message to that user.
You can take benefit of this. If any user requests something that is related to your gig, then you can immediately send him a message that you are willing to do it.
Make the message convincing so that the user gives you a chance even you have got no rating yet. The message should be really good one else the buyer will not give any notice towards your gig. 
He/She will usually move towards someone else who has got rating.
So Try it and let me know in comments below.
If you have got any other idea on how to sell your first gig on fiverr then please share it in comments below.
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  1. Fiverr dont works for me. SEOClerks is the best of those. You can actually hire legitimate workers or make money if you are selling. The other sites like fiverr never produced any sales for me.

  2. Yeah this article is really helpful.
    Thanks a lot!



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