Friday, February 10, 2012 is Legit or Scam?

This is my 10th and last post of the chain "Sites Like Fiverr" . In this post I am going to tell you about is a place where you can buy or sell things for $100, ya it is actually $100. So if this site runs smoothly you can get a huge scope to do business here. If you even manage to sell 5 gigs a month here then also it means $500 for you.
Now lets talk about some
internet aspect of 
Point1. When I checked the whois database of then I found that it was registered on 04/10/10. It means that the lifetime of the domain is approx 1.5 years. Also I noticed that the owner company name is provided in the whois database. So this is really a good point as spammers hide their name from public and this site has not done so its a positive aspect.
Point2. Now I checked the Alexa rank of and found that the Global Alexa rank of is above 700000 and the USA Alexa Rank is above 300000. This is not a very good point about but still it can be counted. Also according to Alexa the total backlinks to the site is around 120.
Point3. Finally I checked that what is the Page Rank of I found that its PageRank is PR3 which is quiet good as we know that the site is search engine friendly and so it is also one of the positive aspects of
After that I finally did my internet research and found that there were very few reviews about the site as there are very few buyers there. Also I was unable to find any payment proof on the internet. It doesn't means that the site is scam. It means that currently there are very few buyers there.
So finally I can say that it is a good site.
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