Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make Money from Article writing....Top 5 sites listed here.

Are you a blogger or writer? If you are and if you know how to write articles then this post can be very useful for you to start your online writing career. Basically if you are even thinking to make money from article writing, here you will get the List of top 5 sites where you can make money by writing Articles.
On the internet millions of article writing jobs are provided daily but all you need to know that where to get those jobs. Friends make it sure that you are good in writing then only there are chances that you will survive in this market. So below you will get the top 5 list:-

1. Freelancer.com

This site is really a extra large platform. I even don't know that how many jobs are posted here daily and how many workers are working here. All I know is that if you managed to work here and got some reputation with quality of your work, then this site will show no mercy... :-) and you can work full time here. Other than writing jobs this site has got thousands of other jobs and you can select from any of them. Their system of getting job is bidding. You will have to bid on various available jobs and once you convince anyone that you can do it better than anyone then after your quality work you will get a quality feedback from them which will help you to claim jobs in future. Join Freelancer CLICK HERE.

Odesk is the best of all. I have placed it to 2nd position in this list because it gives you very few bidding options in the very beginning. If you got reputation here then you will never need any other site to make money. They have got a very well organized site with strict rules and facilities that no one else can provide. One important part is that they have got their own debit card which they send to their users if requested and you can you money in that card anytime you withdraw. Join Odesk now Click Here.

3. Elance
You will find several writing jobs on internet but it is not possible that every job will be worth the time you spend in writing those articles. Now let me tell you about Elance. Elance is a special site like odesk and freelancer. This is also one of the oldest and trustworthy platform available on the internet. They are also as well managed as Odesk and seriously you got great scope there. However one thing I always hate about these sites is their bidding system.. :-(

4. HubPages
Now seriously if I tell you about this site then first question you will ask me is- How can I earn money here? Let me tell you frankly hubpages is one of the largest informative database available on internet. The main thing people do here is that they write quality contents and they can place ads on those posts from almost any ad network. Hubpages gives you a great platform if you manage to write few great articles there.

5. Infobarrel
Infobarrel is almost similar platform as hubpages. This site provides 75% of revenue generated from Adsense or other networks to the writer. So if you are good in writing and you can write some quality articles then this site can give you a life time revenue generation option. I seriously prefer InfoBarrel over HupPages but we all know HubPages has got little extra repuation on internet.


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