Saturday, February 4, 2012 is Legit Or Scam?

This is my fourth post of the chain "Sites like Fiverr". And this is about I visited and I said wow, the graphics is quiet cool and it impressed me. Seriously if their graphics designer has designed it then I must say its really good work. is place where you can buy or sell stuffs from $1 to $10. Seriously I would like to say again that the look is cool.
Now let me discuss about some internet aspects of
Point1. When I checked the whois database for then I found that the site was registered on and the domain was registered in March 2010. It means approx the domain has got a lifetime
of approx 2 years. Although the registration was private and it can be a suspicious site because the owner is hiding his/her name in the whois database.
Point2. I checked the Alexa rank of and found that the global Alexa rank of the site is above 100000 and the USA Alexa rank is above 50000. Now if we compare it with sites like and then we see that they have got much better rank than and it can be little disappointing to know that the owner has not paid that much attention towards the site as compared to sites like and
Point3. I checked the Page Rank of and found that the Page Rank of is PR1. In 2 years the PR1 it is not a good symbol that the site is much search engine friendly and it also proves the same thing that the site is not much cared by owner.

Finally I went to for my research that what People think about and I really didn't found anyone telling that it is scam. So in my point of view you can give this site a try because it has got a varying rate between $1 to $10.
Friends if you have got any experience about this site then please let me know in the comments below.
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