Friday, February 24, 2012

Where can you sell your Blog or Website Ad Space?

Friends many of you are there who have got an awesome blog or website. Even if it if not so awesome in looks it may have some quality contents on it. Now you want to monetize it you can do it in many ways:-
1. Joining any Ad network Like Google Adsense.
2. Writing sponsored reviews.
3. Joining any Affiliate program. etc.
Now if the above listed monetizing schemes have not worked for you(Either not approved by Google or any other problem) then there is a different solution for it.
You can sell Ad Space on your blog or website.
Below I am listing three good sites for selling ad spaces on your blog.

1. AdvertiseSpace is very large market place for buyers and sellers who want to buy or sell ad spaces. Its quiet easy to join there. You just have to sign up and then you will have to wait for their approval, after you are approved you are ready to fix your own prices and sell you ad space there.
I have seen many PR1 blogs getting good amount for monthly ad and really if your blog has got good look and some traffic then for sure you can make money here. Click here to join.

2. Adhitz is much bigger market place than AdvertiseSpace but let me warn you first. Its basically an ad network site which is used to advertise about money making websites. I have no idea how many sites are listed there to make money online but yes there is one thing that is better than other. Until someone buys your ads they will display their own network ads on your website or blog. Although the rate per click is very low for their network ads but yet guess what "Its better to have something instead of nothing". So try it guys if you have site related to online money making. Click here to join.

This is a new site for me but as I noticed it I found that this site is also really cool for selling ad space on your blog. They have got lot of scopes and you can try it. One thing that you would like to know before ignoring this site is that Alexa Rank of is approx 24000 and that's why I was amazed to see the scopes on this site. Click here to Join.

If you know some other sites where you can sell ad spaces, then share your experience with us in comments below.
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