Thursday, February 16, 2012

Which is best Microworkers or Mturk?

Hello friends you must be aware of two great GPT sites Microworkers and Mturk and many of you must be also working on them. But I was confused a bit that which of the both sites is best. I want to know this because I will recommend the one which wins.
So the best we can do here is look at the advantages of both the sites.

So first lets take a look at the advantages of Microworkers
1. There are few jobs available and they keep on coming all the time this makes the site less messy and easy to work with.
2. The looks and graphics of Microworkers is more attractive which makes it a pleasant place to work.
3. You can see the success rate of that job, which means you can know that what exact percentage of workers were successful on that particular job. It will help you to decide whether to do it or not.
4. Many small jobs like Facebook likes, Twitter Follow and YouTube Jobs pay more than other sites like mturk and shorttask.
5. They can pay you with moneybookers and Alertpay.
6. Microworkers is a cool site for part time jobs and helps in getting some extra income.

Now lets talk about advantages of Mturk:-
1. A large list of jobs gives you large option to choose.
2. No minimum payout so you can withdraw whenever you want to.
3. It has got more jobs as compared to Microworkers.
4. You can use the balance to purchase stuffs from Amazon.
5. Mturk is owned by amazon which is a multinational company and they will never spam to hurt their reputation.
6. You will never feel lack of jobs on Mturk, as they keep on coming everytime.
7. Mturk has got many survey jobs which gives a lot more income than other jobs.
8. Mturk is like a big community and many forums are there for it to check out every aspect.
9. You can really make good amount of money there occasionally. Once I made approx $15 in a day by writing few articles and completing few surveys, and a friend of mine only does survey jobs still earns some pocket money.
So above I described the advantages of both Mturk and Microworkers and I really cant get to a conclusion because I have made money on both of them and both are really cool with some exceptions.
Please let me know your experience about any of them in comments below.
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